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Fee Guide

Actual fees will depend on the length of the treatment required, type of braces, single or both arches, complexity of the case and will be determined during the initial consultation and clinical assessment.
We offer initial consultation, no hidden fees once the estimate was created and signed by the patient,  1 year  observation after treatment.
Multidisciplinary cases will require additional fees and appointments with other specialists or your dentist, but this will be agreed prior to starting the orthodontic treatment and a plan will be tailored.
We offer monthly payments interest for 12 months which will require an initial deposit.

Initial Consultation – FREE of charge

Retainers – from £125

HYRAX Expander – From £700

Functional appliances – from £1300

Removable appliances – from £900

Social Six Lingual Braces- from £3300

Six months Smile Braces – From £2200

Lingual braces Incognito – from £3200
Lingual braces WIN – From £2900

Invisalign for Teen ( 9 -17 years old ) – £ 3500

Invisalign for Comprehensive treatments – from £4200
Spark aligners – from £3700

Invisalign for cosmetic alignment – from £2200 single arch £3700 both arches.
Spark aligners from £3200


Damon Clear braces – from £3100

Damon Q metal braces – from £2700

Clear Braces – from £1900
Clear braces for Children – from £1700

Metal Braces – from £1700
Fixed metal braces for Children – from £1500

* Fees quoted do not include Monthly adjustments/reviews and retainers.