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Our Treatments

Metal braces

Traditional braces that consist of brackets that are attached to the front of your teeth, and onnected with metal wires which help guide your teeth into a straighter position through light, gradual pressure. These are suitable for all ages, and work on crooked teeth.

Clear braces

Clear or aesthetic braces are similar to traditional metal braces but instead use ceramic or other materialsthat are less noticeable and often match the colourof your teeth.

Damon system

Damon braces are focused on making dental hygiene easier and can be provided as clear braces if you prefer a less noticeable options. The process is faster than other braces, and the lack of elastic ties means a lower chance of plaque build-up during treatment.


Invisalign is an orthodontic system that is near invisible in comparison to traditional, fixed braces. It straightens misaligned teeth correctly and successfully. We use advanced digital technology to create clear aligners (clear trays) that are worn over the teeth. They facilitate the movement of teeth whilst correcting and making adjustements to overbites, crooked, gapped and overcrowded teeth.
The procedure has been specifically developed with adults in mind but can be used to treat teens and kids too. There are no brackets bonded onto teeth or wires involved and hence the treatment is extremely inconspicuous and non-visible. It would be extremely difficult to visually see any active treatment going on and has fast become the treatment of choice for many older patients who want straighter teeth.
Invisalign treatment uses special 3D digital technology called “ClinCheck” to create a predictable, safe outcome for your treatment giving you more control of your results. Also, this pre-planning enables a simulated animation for you to visualize before any treatment is actually carried out.


Incognito is a fixed orthodontic appliance placed on the inside of the teeth. It is completely invisible from the outside and one of the least damaging alignment options available, making it widely used in children.

WIN system

Fixed orthodontic appliances cemented to the inside of the teeth are know as lingual braces. This makes your braces virtually invisible from the outside and therefore a popular choice for those who are more self-conscious about their dental treatment. Lingual braces are just as effective as conventional braces, but treatment often takes a little longer to be effective.

The Patient Journey

Step 1 : We invite all patients to a 30-45-minute consultation and clinical assessment. We discuss your concerns and available options and recommend a treatment plan or further reviews if necessary.
Step 2 : If we decide you are ready for treatment, we schedule a second appointment in which high resolution digital photos and make 3D digital study casts of your teeth for analysis.
Step 3 : Once everything has been analysed and a treatment plan has been put together, we go through everything with you, explaining the process, the schedule and the expected results. Treatment can begin soon after this stage.