An orthodontist where your dental dreams can become reality!


If you are unhappy with your teeth and dream of smiling without feeling self-conscious, we at Dorset Orthodontics are passionate and dedicated about helping you to realise your dream. Our dental practice has a proud history extending over one hundred years, originally as a general dental practice. Now we operate as an orthodontist in Bournemouth providing specialist  treatment to patients of all ages. We still, however, provide routine restorative and cosmetic treatments which include teeth whitening and dental veneers, as well as appointments for other routine procedures.

Personal oral healthcare

Our practice has been built on the relationships that we have fostered and our reputation for providing a level of service that our patients respect and enjoy. We take a personal interest in everyone who crosses our threshold, because our philosophy is to always be patient centred. Everyone has different expectations of their dental practitioner and we develop a relationship with you so that we can strive to meet your requests. Providing oral healthcare requires a very intimate relationship, because all treatment is in and around your mouth. We believe that our experience has allowed us to develop a very candid and friendly chairside manner which helps to put our patients at ease.

Evolving dentistry

Orthodontics is an ever-evolving dental discipline and technology has allowed it to be creative and inventive. We regularly attend seminars and training on new equipment and techniques to always be in a position to offer you the best and latest treatment available. We have a number of different appliances that we use depending on the patient’s condition and severity of that condition.

A quick assessment

If you are suffering from any form of dental misalignment causing you discomfort or difficulty when you chew, speak or smile, we have a comprehensive examination procedure to assess your condition. As a modern orthodontist in Bournemouth we will be able to provide you with a clinical assessment within forty-five minutes. We will explain your condition and provide you with the best options available to you. If you are ready to receive treatment you will be invited to attend a second appointment. At this appointment we will utilise digital X-rays and 3D scanning equipment to create a digital study of your teeth to allow us to further analyse them. Using the latest software we are able to computer generate a 3D image of the entire interior of your mouth as it looks at the time and how your teeth will look after treatment. At this stage we will explain everything in detail to you and discuss the best treatment plan to correct your particular condition. This plan will detail the treatment and give you an anticipated timeline. Once you have agreed to proceed the treatment will be scheduled to commence at a time and date that suits you.

Realising your dream

The duration of your treatment depends on the severity of your misalignment and it can take anything from six months to two years. Over the years practising as an orthodontist in Bournemouth we have corrected many dental misalignments. Our biggest reward is to see a patient so delighted with the result that they cannot stop beaming from ear to ear.