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At Dorset Orthodontics, we want to make all treatments affordable through our financing payment options, providing you with the freedom to spread your payments over a longer period. Please see below for our Private Fee Guide.

The fee for your treatment will depend on several factors such as:

  • The complexity of treatment.
  • The length of treatment.
  • The type of orthodontic appliance used.
  • Whether treatment includes both upper and lower teeth or just a single arch treatment or even a localized treatment for the front teeth only

For further information regarding Fees or Financing, please contact us on or 01202 294349.

*Fees correct as of June 2024

Hygiene Appointment - with a Dentist
1. Scale and Polish 30 min
(for regular attendees, with minimal gum issue)
2. Complex Scale and polish 45 min
(for new patients, irregular attendees and need a deeper and more extensive clean)
3. The complete Clean and Airflow Stain removal
(The ultimate deep clean followed by complete stain removal with Airflow technology)
Whitening at Home
1. Boutique Whitening(home whitening kit)
(included impressions, fitting trays, 2 syringes of whitening gel, 1 review)
2. Additional Whitening gel £30/syringe
3. Philips Zoom Whitening (in-practice) £650
Orthodontics FEES
Initial Consultation FREE of charge
Retainers From £250
HYRAX Expander From £2100
Functional appliances From £2900
Removable appliances From £2700
Social Six Lingual Braces From £3300
Six months Smile Braces From £4200
Lingual braces Incognito From £4200
Lingual braces WIN From £3900
Invisalign for Teen (9 -17 years old) £4500
Invisalign for Comprehensive treatments From £5200
Spark aligners From £4700
Invisalign for cosmetic alignment From £3200 single arch £3900 both arches.
Damon Clear braces From £3100
Damon Q metal braces From £3700
Clear Braces From £2900
Clear braces for Children From £2700
Metal Braces From £2200
Fixed metal braces for Children From £1900

* Fees quoted do not include Monthly adjustments/reviews and retainers.

Finance Calculator

Boutique Whitening
Six Month Smiles

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