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Dental Braces in Bournemouth

The Patient Journey

Step 1
We invite all patients to a 30-45-minute consultation and clinical assessment. We discuss your concerns and available options and recommend a treatment plan or further reviews if necessary.

Step 2
If we decide you are ready for treatment, we schedule a second appointment in which high resolution digital photos and make 3D digital study casts of your teeth for analysis.

Step 3
Once everything has been analysed and a treatment plan has been put together, we go through everything with you, explaining the process, the schedule and the expected results. Treatment can begin soon after this stage.

Private treatment

If your child falls short of NHS treatment requirements, or you feel the NHS wait time is too long, you do have the option of private treatment. At Dorset Orthodontics, we offer self-funded private care that opens you up to a wealth of benefits. We have no waiting list for children's' braces - your child's treatment can start straight away!

Private treatments have more flexible appointment times and a wider range of treatment options, such as discreet lingual, ceramic or Invisalign® braces. We can also make wearing braces fun with coloured elastic bands on fixed braces.

Private treatment is a considerable financial investment, but to help make your child’s orthodontic treatment more affordable, the cost can be broken up over smaller monthly repayments.

GIVE YOUR CHILD THE BEST CHANCE of a beautiful smile

Book your child in for a free consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist. We’ll advise you on the best time to start treatment, and the type of treatment they could most benefit from most.


These cases can be treated with what we call ‘interceptions’; treatments during development that aim to produce a more balanced and stable outcome as your child’s teeth grow. Examples of problems commonly treated with interceptions include:

  • Underbites or crossbites
  • Teeth that are excessively crowded or spaced
  • Where there are extra or missing teeth

Some cases can be treated with relatively minor interceptions such as a removable appliance. At the other end of the scale, more complex cases may require treatment with fixed standard braces. The main benefits of resolving orthodontic issues early include enabling less invasive treatment, avoiding inconvenience, and supporting your child’s sense of self-confidence as they grow up.

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