Need an orthodontist in Bournemouth?


Did you know that there still exists a large number of people living in the United Kingdom with misaligned or crooked teeth? In fact, this type of oral problem is still seen as one of the biggest contributory factors resulting in many adults suffering from common dental issues, such as tooth decay, plaque build-up, and gum disease. This leads to patients with misaligned teeth having to live with discomfort, and possibly pain, on a daily basis when there may be no need for them to do so.

Possibly you are one of those adults living with crooked teeth who may have been offered treatment at an earlier stage in life, with the traditional method of very visible metal braces fitted around the teeth, normally in teenage years. You may have refused to engage with the treatment due to the fact you were at a very sensitive stage in your development and may have been image-conscious at that particular time.

But, if now as an adult you are starting to regret your choice as a teenager, then it is not too late to change your mind. All you need to do is contact us at Dorset Orthodontics, we are an orthodontist in Bournemouth, and with us you can start the process to realign your teeth.

Tooth alignment treatment has changed

We want you to forget the image of the braces of old you may have in your mind, as tooth alignment treatment has improved dramatically in the last decades and this has led to devices that are more discreet and are perfectly suited for the treatment of adult teeth. As a modern orthodontist in Bournemouth, we understand that many of our patients are looking for an alignment treatment that cannot be seen by others around them, and we are happy to be able to provide this for them.

With options such as Invisalign, we can provide our patients with clear aligners that are made from clear, strong plastic that fits snugly over the teeth. This is an alignment treatment that is very subtle and hides in plain sight from the eyes of others around the wearer.

So now you can receive the tooth straightening process you may feel you want and need without worrying about others around you being able to see the treatment device, even when they are looking at you face on.

The benefits of treatment

While living with misaligned teeth you may find that you struggle to clean your teeth properly, as they may be difficult to navigate with a toothbrush. This can then lead to the occurrence of common dental issues and may leave you with a poor oral hygiene standard that you find unsatisfactory. After treatment, this could all change, as your teeth will be easier to get around with a toothbrush and this should help you to achieve a higher standard of oral hygiene.

If you want to make a change that will realign your teeth then you should contact an orthodontist in Bournemouth to find out how to begin.