How our orthodontist in Bournemouth can help you


Realigning teeth may not be the average day in the office. But its the work and passion of our orthodontist in Bournemouth. Let us show you our process and how we correct misalignments and how important that can be for you.

Straightening teeth is what we do

The start of every patient’s journey begins with an in-depth consultation, whether you have self referred or being sent to us a specialist from your regular clinic. We fully explore your records, take x-rays, begin to discuss what needs to happen and what your aesthetic goals are.

We take high resolution digital photos and make a complete 3D scan of your mouth, even if your treatment is not going to be pursued at our orthodontist in Bournemouth. We simply want to complete your medical records whilst under our care.

We always practise patient-led care, so after you’ve been fully informed about how we see the condition and the treatment options available, we can start putting together a treatment plan and explain expected results. Finalising what the treatment will entail and what the aftercare will require. Along with providing you with a quote.

Correcting the problem before it starts

You might not expect preventative measures with an orthodontist in Bournemouth, but there are opportunities to correct a misalignment even before it forms. For a younger patient, this not only can reduce the costs associated with dental care, it also reduces the inconvenience of having to wear a brace during adolescence.

This opportunity for early intervention occurs when primary teeth begin to be lost and the adult teeth are only just erupting from the gum line. During this critical phase, the presence of the primary teeth act as guides for where permanent teeth will occur and what position they will end up adopting. The order at which primary teeth are lost can have a significant effect on their final locations and long periods of spaces can result in the migration of both primary and adult teeth. This can result in later misalignments. Through the use of space maintainers, positions can be maintained for ensuring the correct alignment of adult teeth, even before they have left the gum line.

Considering private care

You may find when it comes to children’s dentistry, NHS treatment can have a questionable element. It focuses intensely on medically relevant issues rather than misalignments, leaving a significant number of treatments as done as they are considered cosmetic until they have reached a certain threshold. This delay in treatment can result in a longer orthodontic journey and greater costs. This is something our clinic has tried to address in its private practice.  We always emphasise early the intervention and treating our patients as individuals rather than groups or statistics.

If you are struggling with either the waiting times for children’s braces, or with a level of care your child is receiving, please consider our private options. We have flexible payment methods that allow you to break up the costs of dental bills into small monthly payments. We accept all major credit cards and payments from major dental insurance who may provide family care under your policy.