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Retainers in Bournemouth

Orthodontic treatment can be a costly and time consuming process so once you’ve reached the end you’ll naturally want to protect the results.

It’s crucial therefore that you are prepared to be diligent about wearing your retainer after treatment. When dealing with adult teeth there are no exceptions — everybody wears lifetime retainers after orthodontic treatment.

We use Fixed retainers and durable Essix retainers.

Fixed retainers consist of a wire bonded to the rear surface of the teeth that permanently holds them in position.

Essix retainers are clear, about 0.5 mm thick and are worn at night while you sleep. This holds your teeth in place and prevents them from moving away from their new positions. I Plastic retainers generally last somewhere between two and six years depending on how carefully they are looked after. Some people involuntarily clench their teeth at night which naturally wears the appliance more quickly. Also, being plastic, they are vulnerable to warping if they are left in a hot place and it is important to keep them in their protective case to avoid accidental damage.

Case Studies
IN - 13 y

Female patient, aged 13 years, with a Class I skeletal relationship. She was Class II dentally.

The incisor relationship was close to normal, although there was a midline discrepancy and a lack of space for erupting UR3.

  • Fixed appliances MBT 022- all teeth were banded/bracketed
  • Upper first premolars were extracted.
  • The case was treated to a Class II buccal occlusion.
  • Active tiebacks in the upper arch to achieve space closure and overjet reduction.
  • Active treatment period: June 2014-June 2016
  • Upper clear retainer and lower fixed retainer.

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