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Space Maintainers in Bournemouth

Space maintainers

At Dorset Orthodontics, we are experts in placing space maintainers to help children preserve the space between their teeth.

Made of metal and/or plastic, we offer fixed (cemented) or removable space maintainers. Whichever material we use, their purpose remains the same: to help your child develop the best bite possible and hopefully avoid the need for braces later on:

For most children, fixed space maintainers are the best way to go. This method sees us cement the space maintainer onto the teeth on either side of the space

Removable space maintainers are mostly used on young adults. These look just like a retainer, and are primarily for the purpose of cosmetic space filling

Whether fixed or removable, your child's space maintainer will be custom-made by taking impressions of his/her mouth. Once a space maintainer has been installed, we recommend your child practices good oral hygiene at home and has regular professional dental cleanings. During your child's regular dental check-ups with us, we will inspect the space maintainer and track the progress of the incoming permanent teeth. When the X-ray reveals that the tooth underneath is ready to erupt naturally, we will remove the space maintainer.

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